Wulugu Health Centre Opens

healthFor the District Chief Executive for West Mamprusi, a healthy society gives hope for continues and improved socio economic activities hence the assembly remains committed to investing into improve health delivery in the district.

According to Hon. David Wuni, in line with the President’s agenda of bringing health care delivery to the door steps of the people with the construction of more community-based health planning and service (CHPS) centre, the assembly opened a health facility at Wulugu this year. The facility is funded through the District Wide Assistance Programme (DWAP)

This new health facility will go a long way to not only facilitate health care delivery but also at affordable rates since the cost involved in travelling very long distances to access these services would be reduced.

According to the DCE, one major focus of this centre is to help reduce maternal and infant mortality in Wulugu and its surrounding communities as the country works towards the attainment of MDG 4&5.

He added that the centre is aimed at providing primary health services as well as serve as first point for first aids in serious medical cases in rural communities for transfer to major health facilities.

Assembly makes strides in curbing open defecation

toilotFor sometimes now, the country has been battling with open defecation, a situation many have attributed to inadequate availability of toilet facilities.

The situation even get worse when landowners do not see the need to made provision of toilet facilities an integral part of their building plans compelling people to resort to defecating in surrounding bushes and other unapproved places.

However, many district assemblies have taken some measures to curtail the situation with the provisions of more public toilet facilities to help at least people who do not have in their homes to access them.

They also went further by making it mandatory for every new property developer to include toilet facilities as requirement for obtaining building permits.

The West Mamprusi District Assembly has however made strides in providing a number of institutional toilet facilities for a number of schools to help discourage the practice of open defecation.